Your office visit at Spine and Sports Chiropractic Care of CT


At Spine & Sports Chiropractic Care, we know that with so many demands placed upon your daily schedule, time is always of the essence. We are also aware that no one plans for an injury to occur and it is important to get back to your regular activities as quickly as possible. That is why we try to offer convenient office hours and are able to accommodate most emergency appointments on the same day.

On the day of your initial appointment, please plan approximately 60 minutes for your visit. The initial visit entails the following components:

Initial Registration: You will need to fill out specific paperwork for your initial visit. You may download and print the necessary paperwork by clicking here, Patient Initial Registration Forms. Please bring these completed forms with you to your initial visit.

• History: A thorough discussion pertaining to your current health concern(s) as well as past medical history will be performed in order to gain insight into the condition(s) at hand.

• Physical Examination: A comprehensive examination will be performed in order to help determine a clinical diagnosis and will include a neurological and orthopedic evaluation as well as an assessment of your posture, flexibility, and joint and muscle function.

• Treatment Plan: Your diagnosis will be explained in detail and an appropriate treatment strategy will then be discussed. Treatment in our office may consist of various manual and soft tissue therapies, therapeutic modalities (electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, traction), as well as rehabilitative exercises.

• Home Instruction: Pertinent instruction on any appropriate home care will be given and may include ice, heat, proper body mechanics, stretches, exercises, etc.

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